Delicious cake by Bearly Cake made for the wedding of Kimberly and Paul Gale on July 27, 2013 on Paul Gale Network
Paul and Kimberly with Miis and cake (large version)

This review is about the beautiful looking and delicious tasting wedding cake that was created by the folks at Bearly Cake for wedding of Kimberly and me, on July 27, 2013. Before I go into how the cake turned out, I have to tell you about why we chose Bearly Cake.

We began our cake tasting journey at a couple of different locations in Los Angeles (including Northridge and Burbank) and though each offering had its own pluses, Kim and I didn’t feel as though any had the absolute “complete” package…until we called up Bearly Cake and met with them. They prepared for us several different flavors of cake and different takes on frosting, filling, and fondant, based off what we told them what we were looking for and some of their own personal top choices.

The delivery was nice and the presentation was unique. What they did was have the different fillings on the side, allowing us to try every combination possible. Right away, what they offered in doing that was give my wife and I the ability to envision what our cake could taste like. Then came what they consider to be a serving size per person at a wedding and it was almost double of what other places called a slice. Next up came a look at some of their past creations and the price range we could expect. Both of those were very elegant and sensible (respectively). And finally…Bearly Cake said that they recreate the top piece of your wedding cake, one week prior to your one year anniversary as their unique specialty. Sign us up!

Beautiful wedding cake made by Bearly Cake for Kimberly and Paul Gale on July 27, 2013 on Paul Gale Network
Our wedding cake (large version)

With all of this positivity going into our cake ahead of time, it was destined to be delicious. We had four layers, in which the bottom was caramel cake with caramel filling, on top of that was red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, second to the top was marble cake with bavarian filling, and our top was back to the caramel-caramel combo. The design was awesome, it had our wedding colors in flowers they made alongside it, and it tasted delicious.

Thank you to all at Bearly Cake for the fantastic wedding cake and helping make our day that much more special.
Best regards,
Paul and Kimberly Gale

Our wedding video

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