As reported a couple of months ago, Rayman Legends which was originally scheduled to be a Wii U exclusive is now getting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports as well as a delay into later this year. Though disappointing news, at least some good is coming with that delay. Here’s what Senior Game Manager, Michael Micholic, had to say to ONM:

Trust me, the things we are adding aren’t minor. We’re not talking about adding some polish here and there, but 30 new levels and several new bosses.”

It looks like we’ll really be getting a lot more content and that’s the biggest plus in all of this. Paul Gale Network personally would have opted for having the Wii U release come out now and when the other consoles’ ports arrive later this year, with the new content, those extra levels and bosses would be made available on the Wii U version, via DLC. Still…at least Ubisoft is making good with their extra time.


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