Last week, Paul Gale Network revealed who one of the developers was behind the new exclusive game that I’ll be revealing soon and today I can announce the other party involved. This second studio is a South Korean developer by the name of Studio EX.

I didn’t feel right to share this information sooner, because even though I could as it was provided to me by my source back in September, it might have affected certain elements that were involved with The Walt Disney Company’s full acquisition of the studio. I will be revealing the initials of the title, next week, but for now, know that Studio EX is made of a talented team that focuses primarily on multiplayer, free-to-play online games.

Share this story with your friends, because like with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I’m going to be leaving you with a nice treat before the year ends…in fact, one week after the December 24th “initials reveal”, will come the full name of the game.

8 thoughts on “The second developer to Square Enix’s new title exclusive to Paul Gale Network is now revealed!”
    1. I revealed that game six months ahead of anyone else in the world…and with this one, it too will be a PGN first. That is…unless before December 31st, someone else beats me to the punch. I “could” have shared it ASAP back in September when I first learned about it, but I’m taking my time and working with my source to make it a well executed reveal. 🙂

      1. You revealed it because your source was a game tester for title fight as Omar stated at LA beatdown. You thought your sources identity was super secret and nobody knew about him except you but Superbot saw through you from the start. Oh and another thing, still waiting in that poster you bragged about FOUR months ago. To think it’s this hard for you to obtain a simple piece of paper but so easy to sit there and lie your ass off about it.

        1. Nope, never got it. If I did, I’d have shared it. Why wouldn’t I? As for my source, we remain in contact and it’s at least possible that should another PlayStation title present itself in the future, and my friend learns about it such as was the case with the last one, I’ll have a other exclusive. And I actually had that gem in my bank for a couple of years. I put it up when I was granted the ok to begin its promoting. The next game of mine will be revealed in less than two weeks and just like in the past, you’ll see it come true in time.

  1. thanks paul I can’t wait for the full reveal maybe is a kingdom hearts with final fantasy fighting game ajjajja and don’t listen to the people that is calling you a fraud we know thats not true 🙂

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