has a nice article that sheds a little bit of information on their upcoming Wii U game in development. Here’s a sample:

This game will be a challenging one that will get people together, it’ll be both flashy and addicting, have tried to assemble the perfect team to get the job done, and feel that by working with Nintendo, it’ll give their title that much more a chance to succeed.

Michihiko Inaba: “I’d like to make an HD game that will wow the players. I want to show that Japan can still keep up with the USA when it comes next gen technology. Our goal is to become something like the developers of the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks.”

Hirohide Sugiura: “I believe that today’s Japanese gaming industry has lost its touch, and we’d like to do something to change that.”

Whatever this project is, I’m sure excited to learn more about it!

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