Nintendo just told the folks at that their company had a very successful week for hardware sales, between November 18th and 25th. Here are the numbers:

Wii U = 400,000
Wii = 300,000
DS = 275,000
3DS = 250,000

If you’re wondering how does Wii U’s first week on store shelves compares to Wii’s back in 2006, know that it’s a difference between US and and all of North America, so it’s lower. Wii had 600,000 units sold in the same amount of time, six years earlier, but given that it included two extra countries, it’s naturally expected to be higher.

As for Wii this week, very impressive sales and much needed to help boost the console’s total for 2012. And finally, for the DS/3DS duo, Reggie stated that the latter of the two is already at 6 million alone in the US. At this point, it looks like DS’s successor might have a chance in becoming the new “best selling handheld ever”. We’ll see what happens, but for now, congratulations to Nintendo on a very successful Wii U launch and for selling 1.2 million units of total video game hardware, last week.

Here’s to Wii U having great debuts all around the world over the next few weeks!

5 thoughts on “Wii U sells 400,000 units in its first week of availability in the US!”
  1. Hey Paul I was just wondering, have you played any WiiU games online so far? If so, how does the netcode hold up? I’ve been hearing about slow download times and some minor freezing issues so I’m a bit worried now

    1. I’ve played a few of my own Wii U games online and haven’t experienced any problems. The game that’s gotten the most playtime online from me so far has been Call of Duty: Black Ops II and everything from Zombies to Deathmatch, ease of using my iPhone 5 earbuds/mic to games not freezing, has been smooth. True, sometimes a host will leave but that’s besides the point. Nintendo developed quite a capable machine that will only get better in time.

  2. I got to try the Wii U out at an EB Games a few weeks ago. I liked it a lot, and the controller felt very comfortable and familiar… Like I was holding a GameCube controller, but more elongated and having a screen on it. Plus it was lighter than I expected.

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