It’s been a crazy last several weeks regarding all things PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Originally it started with my E3 2012 Q/A where the bulk of the questions asked by you were related to the game, in which shortly after I said that this summer would see a lot of character reveals within a certain 60 day time period (and you got 4 of them up to this point).

After that came my Heihachi and Toro hints prior to EVO and last weekend with my last batch of hints that Cole MacGrath came out of (and good job once again to all of you for figuring it out…I tried not to make it too obvious) and the rest within that will be revealed at upcoming events.

Anyways, things are about to pick up soon, as I will be providing a new Q/A like I have done in the past. I don’t have an immediate date planned for one reason: I want to learn more before I create the feature, so that I can possibly answer more. I could easily create the article sometime this week, but I’d be much more satisfied if the information I was sharing came from the most recent build, instead. I will try not to leave you hanging for long.

Omar Kendall from SuperBot Entertainment and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
Thank you to Mr. Omar Kendall and the SuperBot Entertainment team for being very cool and understanding about everything that’s transpired. You’re truly a great crew!

At this time, I would simply like to share some thoughts with you…as I feel it’s important to help people understand where I’m coming from once in a while.

I’ve known about the game for about 2 years but only revealed it in October, 2011. If I wanted to, then for the 6 months leading up to when the game was finally shown in full, I could have gradually let out the first batch of characters, stages, details, etc.

Instead, I gave a whole lot, all at once to please the fans and get people excited. It was also at a time where I wasn’t told to “not” put anything up, so I did it all for the fans.

I decided to let SuperBot have Big Daddy for E3 however, because I know they worked hard on it and deserve as a studio to have some “first” on their own game. It was also just 3 weeks prior to the show that I got an update from my source about the inclusion of Big Daddy. Nathan Drake was known about for a long time already, by that point, and was in fact mentioned in my original story.

I try to be respectful of the developer, my source, and all of you. And the reason for my hints being increasingly more cryptic is because of establishing a relationship with Omar and his team at E3 and agreeing to not say too much to the point that they have no surprises themselves left.

I did meet with both Omar and the rest of the SuperBot team at E3 2012 on two separate occasions: once on Day 2 and once on Day 3. Also, for the record, from the very beginning I said that my friend and thus, source that has been providing me information on this game for nearly 2 years is somehow affiliated with this game’s development. You can think of all of the credits you see in a game, including the motion capture people, artists, sound engineers, marketing campaign folks, voice actors, investors, building rent managers, security guards, one single SuperBot employee, one single Sony employee, a character licensing agent from a 3rd party company that’s permitting Sony and SuperBot Entertainment to use their character, an individual composing music for the game, an actor for a trailer or commercial, and so many other possibilities…yes, I have been in this industry for about 13 years now. Yes, I know plenty of wonderful people from various companies. Some of which are true friends in my real world, some that are e-mail and phone pals that I talk with only a dozen times a year, some that are just Facebook friends that do the occasional “hello” to, and some that I see on just an event-to-event basis. But I know many and it’s always expanding).

Could I tell you everything now? Yes. Would my source in particular be upset? No, as long as I put up the news when given permission to. (That has always been the agreement). Would all of you love to hear the last 1st and 3rd party characters? I guarantee you would. But would SuperBot be hurt? Yes. There are company’s stocks to consider, press events that have time and money put into them, and not to mention just being mindful of when they would like to announce things.

Would I get in trouble? No I wouldn’t. But as a man and not a journalist, I’m doing things the way I am to please everyone. Journalist Paul still does have fun wow’ing the Internet but there’s more to it than hits and fame. It’s just how I handle my business.

Some people are so incorrect with what they’re saying and the fact of the matter is, any random person can say the words, “Paul Gale said that Master Chief was gonna be shown at EVO as a character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale…lol, what a liar!”

And with zero background work done, some other random individual can say, “Wow, how lame. He LIED to us!”

Then you’ve all of a sudden got a little pocket of people that now have a false sense of identity about me. But this goes for anyone. If you’re a troll and want someone that you don’t like, understand, etc., to be on the receiving end of some “hate”; all you have to do is plant an artificial seed…a lie, in the heads of a few others, and in your little world…mission accomplished.

I never said that I was meeting up with Omar on a regular basis. I never said who was my source. Did him and I in fact meet twice at E3 this year? Yes we did, we discussed things, I told him my side of the story, him and the rest of the SuperBot team asked me certain questions, and at the end of E3 and thus the two different times in which we spoke, everything is cool between us. I have agreements with them that I don’t have to uphold for any “legal” reasons, but rather out of respect, because I am a man that believes that there are more important things than just being a very leaky faucet in order to get 15 minutes of fame.

My goal isn’t to hurt anyone. It’s to provide entertainment and try to do so without causing anyone any internal damage. Does that link on the top left of my page go to SuperBot’s e-mail accounts? Yes it does. I spoke with them at E3 and was told that they have received all that I submit.

Am I still in contact with my source and good friend that is involved with the game’s development in some capacity? Yes. Have I written to SuperBot post-E3? Correct again and just letting you all know, that periodically, I will continue to share your thoughts in that article (and possibly in other places that you leave on my site) with SuperBot, Sony, and my friend.

But the funny thing is, even me writing this here now, speaking my behalf, will do very little in the grand scheme of things. Why? Because somewhere you’ll have one kid say to another, a lie, that kid will take it as the truth, and that kid will “hate me”. Journalists are told to never get in with it, with their readers. We’re told to not bother with the critics because there’ll always be haters. “If you read comments, it’ll hurt your feelings.”

I’m beyond that, because my life revolves around much more than one game. I’m involved in plenty of fields and am confident enough that little words don’t hurt me. Why then am I even backing myself up? Because I’m speaking to you all as a man, as a friend, and as a fellow gamer right now…and not as a private stock analyst/investor, journalist, personal trainer, martial arts instructor, video game developmental designer, etc. I’m a gamer like all of you and my words and intentions are sincere because I LOVE this industry more than anything.

I guess the only way to get more people to understand where I’m coming from is for the word to spread. My site reaches a certain audience, but certainly not everyone out there is a reader. If you like the way I operate and choose to do so, you backing me up is appreciated and I thank you for it. That’s all for now. Thank you for your time.

54 thoughts on “New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Q/A coming soon to Paul Gale Network. Plus a little explanation on how I operate.”
  1. “Anyways, things are about to pick up soon, as I will be providing a new Q/A like I have done in the past. I don’t have an immediate date planned for one reason: I want to learn more before I create the feature, so that I can possibly answer more. I could easily create the article sometime this week, but I’d be much more satisfied if the information I was sharing came from the most recent build, instead. I will try not to leave you hanging for long.”

    That. That is why I am one of the many who follows your blog. Because that just shows intelligence.

    I will defo be looking forward to another Q/A. Last time was awesome

  2. I’m defo looking forward to another Q/A, they always give provide great info (And some gems about the game itself rather than the characters and stages)

    Because let’s face it, the characters are part of the game right Paul?

  3. You haven’t seen the final game yet? I keep hearing that the version we’ve been seeing at events and what not is just the alpha, is that true?

    1. Also I’d just like to say thank you for all you have shared with us. It’s completely reasonable that you are respectful to Superbot’s wishes, and I think it shows a lot about your character and integrity. I can’t wait to see what else you have to share with us. So thanks again Paul, you’re a pretty awesome guy.

  4. Also I’d just like to say thank you for all you have shown us. It’s completely reasonable that you want to be respectful of Superbot’s wishes, and I think it shows a lot about your character and integrity. I can’t wait to see what else you have to tell us, and I’m glad that you care enough to keep us so informed. Thanks again Paul, you’re an awesome guy.

  5. I appreciate what you do man~.

    Don’t listen to haters. A lot of popular people fell down because of haters~.

    Keep up the good work but maybe you should change your hint tactics to something a little different for a change of pace like videos, music, or poems~. Just saying :).

  6. Hey Paul, I was wondering, do you know if some characters in the game are going to be unlockable like Smash or will they all be available straight away like Street Fighter? I ask because I always found some of the fun of Smash being the hunt for more characters, and the joy of seeing one more slot fill up on my roster, and being able to finally use that one character I’ve been dying to play as since day 1.

  7. Hey Paul. I have a really important question to ask you but could you please write me back first, then I will ask you my super important question.

  8. I think it would be cool to release a tiny bit of info each day even if it doesn’t have to be a new character. A new item, stage, music would be great.

  9. Very understandable Paul. personally i love how you came out to tell every one whats going on and your respect for the people and Superbot entertainment. I lve your work and writings on here. Good luck to you and Especially a big good luck to Super bot and thank you for this original game which the gamers out there have been waiting for. 🙂
    P.S. cant wait for the Q & A i have so much to ask just dont spoil it to much for me i preordered it out of impluse because it looked so AMAZING! I saw it and was like ” Fuck Yea!” excuse the language. and instantly was at Gamestop.

  10. eh,don’t take what the gamefaqs kiddies are saying to seriously, they react to the simplest things.I mean right now,there are some actually arguing over Omar’s joke that he would want Mario in the game. I mean look at Lupinko, he doesn’t work for Capcom, but did that make his hints from MvC3 any less accurate? you just do what you gotta do. let us know when you get the info in 3 weeks!

  11. I see since you are doing a Q & A that you will need questions. But where shall we post the questions? I guess I will begin here.

    Was the model of the game shown at the recent Expo’s the final version of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale? And what I mean by that is are all the characters shown completed? Their moves? Etc, etc.

  12. Hey Paul it’s been awhile since I posted here, but I still follow your blog reguarly, now I have a question for you and your source at superbot, or who ever will be able to answer this, first for you, as I’ve read here on the blog you are an expert in a lot of fields, that must take guts, I mean, Health and Fitness, Gaming, Material arts. I just think you have a very interesting life! I would like to know, why did you choose to go so far in so many directions here in life? I can see how Material arts can go hand in hand with Health and Fitness, but then Gaming? Just a hobby that just still follow up on from youth or what? Anyway my question for Superbot is, why the sudden change in web management after the All Stars page got updated (think around E3) I’ve already heard an answer somewhere (can’t remember) for this “there were some problems with sony and thats the cause of the lack of posting, but we’re are getting that fixed, be prepared for lot’s of updates during the summer” but are they getting things done? I mean now we cans ee the pre-order bonuses, Can we also get like a complete bio of each item and stage? maybe even some of the early art for each item / stage, like some of the pictures they showed at the Comic Con panel? Maybe update the page to display that there will be other charatcers? Cause one thing I see that’s wrong with this kind of marketing is many people on Youtube write comments about “wow only 12 charatcers? Are they mad?” and what not on each new trailer video, and that is potentianaly resulting in lost sales, and I can understand them, because the first place you would go to for infomation about a certain product is the products weppage, the website is lacking so much info I would only know all the coolstuff I know about the game because im following this blog and because I read / write on the official forums, and I think that in the end they would gain a lot more if they looked into their website, I’ve already seen how much Sony have put in the marketing for this game, Allstars logo on a boxers shorts and big banners and huge stage appearance at E3, Evo, Comic Con, soon to come Gamescom, but all of that will surely bring people onboard for the game, but the gamers who only watch their newly released trailers will still get that “oh okay new charatcers, is that all now?” because all they mention in the trailers is a release date.

    1. Interesting is definitely one way of putting it. 🙂 I’ve been involved in both video gaming and martial arts/exercise in general since I was 4 years old. Though two totally separate fields, I was introduced to both at the same time and became a fan of each, for life.

      I wound up pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology because I wanted to help people with their ailments, fat loss, bone pain, and other issues. I wanted to help fight childhood obesity, teach kids martial arts to help them against bullies, and make adults that need self defense to feel more confident, have a source that cares about them, giving them said information.

      It’s why I continued to pursue a life long passion of martial arts (which in big thanks goes to Street Fighter, as a matter of fact). And video games, I simply love tremendously.

      I’m a huge fan of the industry and knew that I wanted to be a part of it, which is why I went to E3 for the first time at the age of 16 and have been to 11 of them (and others) since.

      I also do private stock market analysis and investing, but those aren’t really things that I talk about much on my site.

      I’ll get to your other questions, tonight.

  13. I would like to as well thank you for doing things the way you like to do, even though there may be just 1 or 2 trolls out in the wild looking to destroy you, just remember that you got fans on your side as well that are willing to defend.

  14. here are my questions for the Q/A

    1) You know how you can change the characters colours, well can you also change the colours of the alternate costumes and pre-order costumes?

    2) Is Arcade Mode and Story Mode the same thing? if not will there be an Adventure Mode like in Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Subspace Emissary?

    3) In Arcade Mode, Omar and Superbot showed off one of the rivalry cutscenes, well I want to know how many cutscenes are there per character?

    4) Will the rivalries in arcade mode be one sided, as in Heihachi’s rival is Toro, but Toro’s rival is someone else?

    5) For the taunt button, is it just 1 taunt the character does when the button is pressed or is it a different taunt each time?

    6) In SSBB, you were able to add comments to your taunts so whenever the taunt button is pressed, you see the comment, will you be able to do the same in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?

    7) are custom soundtracks confirmed for this game?

    1. 8) (by sonicjamareiz om PASBR forums) ok my question is there going to be any ape escape representation in Allstar thanx your time.

      9) (by Chaosdreams on PASBR forums) Do the amount of mountains (female chest) exceed six?

      1. 10) Can you customize the controls to whatever you want? if so can you also have one button have 2 functions such as R1 being pick up items AND grab opponent?

        11) Do all characters run at different speeds?

        12) Do all characters fall at different speeds and do they get knocked back farther depending on their size as well as the size/strength of the opponent eg. Big Daddy falls faster than PaRappa due to his size and Toro is knocked back farther if Big Daddy hits him but if Toro hits Big Daddy he isn’t knocked back far?

        1. 13) Can you turn off SPECIFIC items in PASBR like in Super Smash Bros, such as being able to turn of the Spear of Destiny but keeping all other items?

              1. 16) Are there 3rd party stages?

                17) Can supers be performed in the air?

                18) Are they going to do something about Drake’s and Jak’s faces?

                19) For the Dreamscape level, they said the level has different configurations for it to change itself, so can it also change its background or is it always that garden theme?

  15. Im sure that superbot is doing a lot of work for this game and im sure that PSASBR would success and also maybe it becomes one of the most fun and perfect games of all the history lml

  16. Hey Paul, I have a question that sounds a little random but can you hear me out? Are all of the characters that you know that are going to be in the final roster for All-Stars are from games that are already out? :/

  17. Hey Paul, any word on that Q/A?

    Also can you say anything about this “Leak” that is going around? People believe it is real and it shows Raiden instead of Snake, Dante from DMC, and either Nathan Hale or Evil Cole. Im asking because it does’t it doesn’t correlate with some of the things you have relented to us such as “Theres 1 RPG character and 2 more females”.

    This is the leak pic:

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