This Thursday, May 31st, at 10:30pm PST, Konami will be having their Pre-E3 Show event and during it you’ll get to see the first gameplay footage of both Castlevania: Mirror of Fate and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Of course in addition to these two hot titles, Konami will no doubt have some other surprises.

Two more days folks is all you have to wait for your next trip to Castlevania. I hope that you’re excited, because this duo was a Paul Gale Network first!

For now, enjoy the first screenshots and artwork:

Nintendo Power cover 279 featuring Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for 3DS on Paul Gale Network
Nintendo Power 279

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for 3DS - swinging on Paul Gale Network
Swinging into action

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for 3DS - whipping skeletons on Paul Gale Network
Whipping those skeletons

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