Fact is fact and rumor is rumor. That’s really all I can say on the subject. If Paul Gale Network tells you that its received confirmation that a game is real, I’ll personally guarantee you it’s authentic. If a rumor is thrown my way and at least comes from a source that I know and if I “think” it’s a possibility…I may share it.

The most recent rumor that I posted was regarding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Manhattan Crisis. It was just a rumor I received, and when it was shared, despite how awesome it seemed and how much the internet fell in love with the idea behind it, it was ultimately debunked by Rocksteady Studios’ founder, Mr. Sefton Hill.

Perhaps even more so than with that last rumor, I’d love for this next one to be true…or at least am equally excited about its possibility. I will do what I can in the coming week to try and confirm or deny this game’s reality, but will at the very least share it regardless and completely stress that it’s a RUMOR if I can’t get anything more concrete. It’s just too cool of a title in my opinion, to not share with you all.

Stay tuned for Saturday, May 19th.

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