The Street Fighter Facebook page is having a cool multi-part contest, beginning with Round One which goes from October 14th-27th. Pulled right from their page:

Step 1: Are you Team Street Fighter or Team Tekken? Select and print a mask of the opposing team. (Example: If you’re on Team Street Fighter, download a Kazuya, Nina, King or Kuma mask. If you’re on Team Tekken, download a Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile or Dhalsim mask.

Step 2: Put the mask on and take a photo of yourself in the craziest or most embarrassing situation you can think of. The whole idea is to provoke the other team!

Step 3: Upload your photo. Be sure to tag yourself in the photo! Photos must not contain offensive text, imagery, gestures or symbols.

After Capcom mentioned me on their twitter page and recommended me join this contest, rest assured…I will! It looks like it’ll be a pretty fun ride, so it’s got my recommendation to participate. There ARE some nice prizes, after all.

More details:

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