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Retro Studios is hot off a four game win streak thanks to Donkey Kong Country Returns and the Metroid Prime trilogy, but according to them, what they’re working on for Wii’s successor is “a project everyone wants us to do”.

I spoke with two different people at the Austin, Texas based first party developer for Nintendo to see if I could get any more information on the “Wii 2” which many are calling Project Cafe. Whatever the system’s name ends up being, my sources at Retro Studios said that their company was amongst the very first to receive a development kit and that they’ve been on board developing a new project ever since.

What could they be working on? Something that “everyone wants them to do” means one of two things to me. First off, it could be a new, ‘built from the ground up’ first person shooter…something that many gamers have been begging them to do. It makes sense and the way I see it, it would be the modern equivelant to what Perfect Dark was to Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64.

PD and Goldeneye were both by Rare, with 007 being from an existing frachise and rather than a sequel, the company used it as foundation for creating an original ip. I can see and personally hope that this is the case with what Retro Studios has cooking.

The second thing that I’ve seen a lot of gamers ask for is a Zelda game made by the same people that brought us Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns. I don’t know how likely that one is, but who knows…it certainly is possible.

One thing is certain and that is us getting something great from Retro Studios. Hopefully we’ll find more at E3.

107 thoughts on “Retro Studios working on “a project everyone wants us to do” on Wii 2.”
  1. hmmm…a game fans have been begging to do?

    what could this game be?

    It can only be Golden Eye remake, since Retro Studios brought back Donkey Kong.

    unless Mother game:/

  2. It’s going to be Star Fox, or Zelda…. hopefully. I’d love to see them take a shot at either, it could be awesome. Though, wasn’t Platinum interested in doing Starfox?

  3. You’re kidding. Goldeneye? Nintendo already gave you a new Goldeneye just six months ago. Now it’s not good enough? May I politely suggest an explanation is in order?

    Apparently, what the video game business needs are more gun games. I don’t understand this. FPS fans already have 5000 other gun games to choose from, including, I might add, a number of very solid titles on the Nintendo Wii. Maybe the fans are just really, really into first-person shooters?

    I’m sure Retro will have something to show at E3, which is shaping up to be a memorable show. Personally, my wish is for Retro and Nintendo to make more motion-control Wii games in the Atari/NES style. But I also have a Sega Genesis and Saturn sitting on my desk. So…ya know, heh heh.

  4. I KNOW THEIR SECRET PROJECT!!! ITS STARFOX!!!!! IM 100% sure as I have a contact within rockstar and they found out about it when they received their cafe development kits a few months ago!!!

  5. Daniel you’re right, just reminded me that a new Golden Eye was just released for the Wii recently.

    So the long demanded game would be StarFox, but isn’t there a StarFox 3D for the 3DS?:/

    it has to be Mother/Earthbound.

    i don’t recall any other games apart from that, that the Nintendo fanboys had been banging on about.

    And I can also bet it might just be Metroid Dread, since it does make sense that Retro Studio did a fantastic job for Metroid Prime series.

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