Tragic news hits the world today as Japan recently suffered a tremendous 8.9 magnitude eathquake, the company’s largest since the late 1800’s. The epicenter was near the city of Honshu, approximately 200 miles from Tokyo. A tsunami warning has been issued by the Japanese government as well as for America’s west coast. Furthermore, countries including Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Guam, and Indonesia need to be cautious.

Dozens are dead, bodies are washing up on shore, nuclear power plants are being shut down, and traffic has hit a stop due to so many roads simply collapsing. Video game companies including Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Sony, and Namco to name a few, are all giants in Japan and though already contacted by me, have not responded back just yet. I wish for the well being of everyone in Japan right now, as well as its neighbors.

Not if, but when I hear back from friends across the Pacific, I will let you know. Paul Gale Network is very largely a video game news website and with so many companies having a foundation in Japan, there are a lot of friends right now that I’m worried about. I pray that they’re ok.

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