High Voltage Software’s sequel to The Conduit was suppose to come out last month, but because of a little extra fine tuning (and perhaps the fact that Goldeneye 007 was launching the same day), developer Sega decided to push the game back to early 2011.

Today we learned that its new release date is February 15th. The original title was a fun, first attempt at a fps on Wii (from the studio) and after my impressions on its sequel at E3 this year, I’m looking forward to seeing how good it’ll turn out.

Eric Nofsinger from High Voltage Software on Conduit 2 on Paul Gale Network
I had a good time with Conduit 2 at E3 (as well as the Xbox 360 version of Grinder) and Eric Nofsinger from HVS really is passionate about the game. It’s good to see when a project has a lot of heart behind it as it’ll more likely lead to a solid final product. Here’s to another fun first person shooter on Wii.