Jenni Källberg is a 28 year old, highly talented cosplayer from Sweden (she’s half Swedish and half Japanese) and is most known for her excellent cosplay. One time she even got featured in Nintendo Power for her Samus Aran Varia Suit. Here’s a little look at her new project: The Gravity Suit. Be sure to check out her website at to see the rest of her stuff.

Jenni Kallberg as Samus from Metroid on Paul Gale Network
Samus carefully making her way through the snow…

Metroid on Paul Gale Network
Look over your shoulder or suffer a surprise attack!

Jenni Kallberg could be perfect for a live action Metroid movie.
With a suit as good as this, one part would be nearly complete in making a Metroid live action movie. It looks like it even lights up!

Metroid Gravity Suit on Paul Gale Network
Ok, that’s some nice detail that Jenni payed attention to.

Back of Jenni Källberg in Samus Gravity Suit on Paul Gale Network
The back of Miss Källberg’s suit, right down to the boosters is awesome.

Gravity Suit from Metroid Prime in money shot
Now that’s the money shot!

Metroid Varia Suit with Jenni Kallberg on Paul Gale Network
Here’s Jenni’s Varia Suit 2.0 from Metroid Prime.

Varia Suit Cosplay at its finest on Paul Gale Network
This is the Varia Suit shot that really launched Jenni.

Zero Suit Samus from Metroid on Paul Gale Network
The Zero Suit Samus is perfect down to the curves.

Princess Peach cosplay on Paul Gale Network
Princess Peach better watch out for the Goomba!

Jenni Kallberg as Princess Zelda on Paul Gale Network
Princess Zelda in the forrest.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jenni comes up with next, but in the mean time would like to congratulate her on another very successful costume being completed. In my opinion, she’s come up with the best efforts yet in bringing Samus to the real world…right on par with Nintendo’s own live action commercials. Her Zelda, Peach, Raiden, and other character portrayals are also top notch. Here’s to seeing her future projects.

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