Fans of No More Heroes and Suda 51 should be happy today to see this little hint of No More Heroes’ future. “Not Dead” is what’s very apparent about this promotional piece, which is a good sign that the series will see another installment somewhere down the road. This comes straight out of the booklet in the Hopper’s Edition. Here’s to more fun and mayhem with Travis Touchdown.

No More Heroes: Not Dead on Paul Gale Network
No More Heroes: Not Dead!

3 thoughts on “Suda 51 hints at No More Heroes’ future.”
  1. nice to see that he’ll still work on it, i liked the first one, but sold my wii shortly after it was released, the second one seemed awesome, hopefully it’ll get a HD remake like the first NMH. My only question is who the main character is going to be since Suda stated multiple times that he’s done telling Travis’ story and that if he ever brought NMH back he would want it on nintendo’s nex gen console with a new main character.

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