Pokemon Black and White

Following up from the press release I received one month ago regarding the pre-order update on Pokemon Black and Pokemon White in Japan, comes just that…another update. The number is now at 1.7 million, a truly impressive amount which leads right up to the game’s release. Just how many copies will the games sell in its first day, week, lifetime?

It’s anyone’s guess, but if Famitsu‘s score of a perfect 40/40 (only the 15th game in the magazine’s history to achieve that score) is any indication of how the fans of the series will react when they play one or both of the versions, then word will spread like wildfire, and Pokemon fever will carry the DS family well into when the Nintendo 3DS comes out…possibly this November 21st and for 24,000 Yen (a price I heard floating around that’s not too different than my $249.99 US price that I came up with).

We’ll find out the actual price and release date in 10 more days: Nintendo 64’s 14th Anniversary.

As for Pokemon Black and White, here’s how I think they’ll do in Japan:
Both games day one = 2 million
Both games week one = 2.6 million
Both games lifetime (could be more thanks to 3DS) = 7.5 million

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