Asahi Shimbun Nippon
The Japanese text roughly translates to “Paper Mario 3DS will be advertised later this year as it nears its 2010 release.”

According to a piece from the Asahi Shimbun Nippon, Paper Mario 3DS is going to be advertised and released in Japan, this Fall. If this statement is true, then obviously the 3DS itself would have to be released this year as well, right? We’ll find out for sure on September 29th. And as I stated before, my personal belief is that the system will come out on Sunday, November 21st in the United States for $249.99 and be packed in with a game.

Nintendo 3DS
In 15 more days, all of the rumors will be put to rest, as Nintendo will finally reveal the release date and price for their next blockbuster hardware release.

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