Artist Francisco Perez has a lot of cool art under his belt, but his most recent effort will bring a smile to video gamers. Here’s his take on a young Link against a very ominous Ganon.

Link vs. Ganon

Francisco and Perez with liner, Daniel Alexander do nice work. Check out the larger version of Link vs. Ganon if you want a nice wallpaper.

I’m a really big fan of the Zelda series and am looking forward to Link’s next outing, Skyward Sword, in a big way…so whenever a talented artist produces a cool piece like this, I have to give him or her some props. Hopefully Francisco will continue to create more video game pieces in the future.

2 thoughts on “Check out this cool Zelda fan art.”
    1. It is a scary take on Ganon, but what makes it worse is how cute and small Link is drawn. You really feel awed by the little tyke for taking on such a beast. Now if it was adult Link, the image would probably feel much different.

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