What’s worse than eagerly anticipating the next blockbuster game, is not knowing when it’s even coming out for your region, while the rest of the world already does. This is often the case for territories outside of Japan and United States, but at least for today, the wait is over for readers in Australia.

Metroid: Other M
Arriving in Australia, September 2nd.

You will be getting Metroid: Other M on September 2nd (which is the same day the game comes out in Japan, and is just two days after US). I consider that really good, because I feel your pain when you have to sometimes wait months for a big title, while the rest of the world is already long done with it. Wow, just one more month for you and and only 29 days left for us.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo announces the release date of Metroid: Other M for Australia.”
  1. That’s good at least we know when the game releases. Why is the game coming out earlier in US? I’m not complaining but I thought that it usually comes out in Japan first. Either way, that’s great only 29 days left and since it’s the summer, time will fly by really fast.

    1. The Metroid series has traditionally fared much better in the United States than Japan, which is why in this case, Other M is getting some western priority. It’s coming up really soon. 🙂

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