A month ago we got new details from an interview with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, but today it’s been officially translated. We learn a little more about the status of Pikmin 3, his involvement with the 3DS, and some information on his work at developing a new character.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Paul Gale at E3 2003.
Shigeru Miyamoto’s talent knows no limits.

Personally, I think that whenever Miyamoto touches a system, he gets a wealth of new ideas and that ties in usually with a personal hobby or liking of his. I think that he will deliver well on the 3DS. In regards to him being in the process of creating a new character, I’m very excited. I’ve spoken with friends at Nintendo and though I don’t know what Shiggy has in store, it seems like he’s all for delivering big one more time. Finally, I’m happy to hear that Pikmin 3 is still well under development and hopefully we’ll see something of it later this year. Below is a piece of the interview itself.

Question: I am looking forward to Mr. Miyamoto’s future works. Can he give us his comments on them?

Answer: Shigeru Miyamoto responds, “To tell the truth, I am so busy with the launch of Nintendo 3DS that I have no time to ponder. But an idea sometimes comes into my head all of a sudden. It is not until I face the pressure of a deadline that I have a brainwave. The busier I am, the more inspirations hit me. I am now in a very good condition in that sense. Among the unveiled projects, I know that we have to complete the new Pikmin and I can tell you that development is going fairly smoothly. And the new Nintendogs, announced at the E3, features cats, and I now own a cat. Reporters often ask me, “What is your hobby?”, which could potentially relate to the theme of the next game, so I am told by Mr. Iwata to keep it a secret. I mentioned my cat about one year ago for the first time, and we announced the related game the other day as planned. Nintendogs+cats will be completed soon. I am enjoying various activities in good spirits, say, continuing to swim regularly and interacting with local elementary school students as a volunteer juvenile counselor. We can probably give you something new again next year. I am still very active in the field of developing games. I hope you will look forward to the next product. Now might be the time to create some new characters because the most recent character, Pikmin, is no less than ten years old soon. That is all for me here.”

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