Nintendo announced today that on Nintendo 64’s 14th anniversary (it came out in the US on 09-29-96) the pricing and release date of their newest handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, will be revealed. I’m going with Sunday, November 21st, 2010 as the release date for United States (we do know that it’ll be available in all major markets by March 31st, 2011) and for $249.99. I also believe that the 3DS will come packed in with a game of some sort, similar to how Wii was originally accompanied by Wii Sports. Care to speculate when/how much do you think the 3DS will arrive/cost?

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo will have an update on the 3DS in two months.

18 thoughts on “Nintendo will announce the 3DS’ release date and price on September 29th.”
  1. I think $249.99 is a bit much for Nintendo. I don’t know to be honest. I’d say anywhere between $189.99 and $219.99.

    As far as a bundled title goes, I’d say Ocarina of Time. That, or OoT will be a launch day title. I can see Ocarina of Time being what Super Mario 64 DS was about 6 years ago: a title that everyone knows on a handheld that has mixed feelings, a great game with new features to show off the power of the 3DS and to get people comfortable with the new handheld.

    1. 250 bucks could be right since the system is a lot more technologically advanced than a DS (as well as Wii), has a new and improved widescreen up top, and most importantly, the processing power to be able to run 3D out of the box, without the need for glasses. If you add those together and throw in the new accelerometers, the two 3D cameras facing away from the system, extra Wi-Fi capabilities, improved battery life, and package in one game in the box…it’s a possible price point. I do agree with you though in that 220 is a nicer number and that Ocarina of Time at launch is pretty close to Super Mario 64 DS back in 2004. We’ll see, but thanks a lot for your great input!

  2. I agree with the pricing, it should sell for about $249.99 since the DSi XL sells for $189.99. Also the launch being in late November is very possible since looking back Nintendo likes launching consoles during the holiday season and on Sundays : ) Not sure about the bundle though I think it’ll come installed with some 3DSware though : )

    1. That’s right about the DSi XL. If that thing debuted at 190, then 250 is probably not too far off at all. Sure, the overall screen size in the 3DS is a little smaller, but it just does so much more. You’re probably right about some sort of “installed software”…hopefully it’s good. 🙂 Some people out there think that November is too early, but Nintendo is always full of surprises and I don’t see why it’d be too unlikely for them to release the 3DS in at least one market, this year. Here’s to September 29th.

  3. i agree the price should be about $250.00. As you cant see it is way more tech. invovled. 3D without the hastle of glasses? WERE MAKIN HISTORY PEOPLE!!!

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