MCV is a trade magazine out of the United Kingdom that focuses on the business side of the video game industry, as well as acts as a provider for game sales. Just like how Famitsu and NPD provided data for the first half of 2010, it’s now MCV’s turn. Below is a look at this year’s best selling games from January 1st through June 30th.

Just Dance's PAL boxart
If you’re wondering why this box of Just Dance looks different, it’s because its Europe’s version…unless you’re reading this in Europe, then it’s normal to you.

1. Just Dance – 940,358
2. Red Dead Redemption – 819,161
3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 590,580
4. Modern Warfare 2 – 540,761
5. Wii Fit Plus – 499,998
6. Wii Sports Resort – 439,920
7. 2010 FIFA World Cup – 396,858
8. Aliens vs Predator – 359,968
9. Final Fantasy XIII – 339,996
10. FIFA 10 – 318,719

It’s a list that looks a lot different than Japan’s or America’s, but one thing is for sure, and that’s Ubisoft being pleased. Here’s to the second half of 2010.

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