Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono recently posted a picture on his Twitter account and it’s definitely something to get interested in. Now nobody knows quite what this image means, but everyone is speculating based off the possible hints within.

What does this picture mean?
Perhaps Street Fighter V or Street Fighter III: Fight For the Future HD?

If you rewound time a few years back, I knew internally and was under strict NDA, that Street Fighter IV was in production. This time around, however, I honestly can only assume/hope for the best. Based off of Ryu and Blanka being in the picture, I’m going with “Something Street Fighter Related”. Because of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC controllers/keyboard, I think it will be a title coming out for all three platforms.

My guess/hope is that at the San Diego Comic-Con, Mr. Ono will unveil the first trailer for Street Fighter V! Or, Capcom could possibly bust out with Street Fighter III: Fight for the Future HD. I could picture it being either 2D but redrawn like Super Street Fighter II: HD Remix was or going the 3D route and using Super Street Fighter IV’s engine. Care to speculate? Discuss below! Hopefully we’ll find out soon the answers to this mystery.

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