Seth Killian just announced over at that he will be leaving the company on June 22nd, after having 6 awesome years with them.

“To everyone that’s helped me along my path, I’m left only with words that seem hollow from overuse, but: Thank You.

Thank you to Ono-san, and to the now-passed Mark Beaumont, who trusted me with the game and believed in my passion from the very start.

To Niitsuma-san, who invited me on his journey to embrace the crazy heart beating inside the Versus series, and produced games that still thrill me even after thousands of hours.

To the many talented people throughout the fighting teams that gave me a literal schooling of the kind possible nowhere else in the world–I’m a proud graduate of “Capcom U” and have the scars to prove it 🙂

To everyone who has worked alongside me on our community teams, and to Christian Svensson who made it possible, through good times and bad, trying to fight the good fight and make sure our biggest fans had a voice at the decision-making table.

To my many other friends and colleagues at Capcom around the world, I’m proud to realize there are far too many of you to thank directly, so let me say simply “otsukare-sama desu,” and I hope we will meet again.

And finally, to the FGC: In no uncertain terms, you have been my reason for everything. A game can be incredible, but it’s the players and where they take it that elevate it into legend. Both as individuals and as a group, you have taught me more than I could have ever thought possible. Every hour on the road and every air mile towards my first million doesn’t begin to repay the debt I feel to all of you. You are a family to me. Today, the community is strong, and growing stronger. We fight, we make mistakes, we argue, and we compete but in the end we have each other. To you, I can only say “thank you.” You continue to electrify the world and show the power not just of a game, but of a living, breathing community. Strive to be your best selves, to share our magic with the next generation, and above all else, take care of each other. We are a family.” -Seth

Seth has been a personal friend of mine since June, 2008 and a great person in general in helping me out along the way. You can read about him in this article, but that really just scratches the surface. He had a great presence at Capcom and really was a great force in connecting the company to its fans better than anyone has ever done before. I sincerely wish you the best, my friend. To wherever you’re going next, I hope you do extremely well…and for your contributions to Capcom for the last 6 years, thank you.

Seth Killian at E3 2012 on Paul Gale Network
E3 2012: Paul Gale and Seth Killian

The last picture of Capcom’s Seth and me, but surely not the last we’ll take in general.

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