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Sports Connection (Best Alternative Sports Game of E3 2012)

E3 always comes around and with it come the usual sports suspects, the big yearly names…but once in a while there’s a developer that tries something new. Not every time does a new approach work out, for there could be peripheral reliability flaws, trying too hard to be fun and just failing, and so on. But when a company delivers as with the case of Ubisoft and Sports Connection, then it’s clear to me that it deserves proper credit in receiving Paul Gale Network’s award for Best Alternative Sports Game of E3 2012. Talk about swinging out of the gate. Wii U is a console that’s not even out yet and where some 3rd parties are afraid or confused as to how to approach being creative on it, the team behind Sports Connection jumped in and are packing in what seems to be a solid representation of different sports into one fun package. Fun gameplay mechanics and clean graphics are also on the side of Sports Connection. Hopefully this game will be tuned as finely as possible and premiere alongside Nintendo’s system launch later this year, giving a wide variety of gamers something engaging to play in their living rooms.

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Motley Blocks (Best Downloadable Game of E3 2012)

What makes me really proud is when I see a smaller studio really shine at E3. In a world that’s made up of three crazy days in Los Angeles, it’s easy to sometimes miss a true gem out there…what with all the big games getting so much attention and all, but Paul Gale Network makes sure that every title on the show floor gets its proper amount of time and with that it’s my pleasure to give the Best Downloadable Game of E3 2012 award to Motley Blocks. Just in case you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a 3D puzzle game that requires you to test your reflexes as you try to assemble different pixelated objects in the shortest time possible. The game is simple yet hectic and has its own unique fun that it brings to downloadable gaming.

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SimCity (Best PC Game of E3 2012)

SimCity definitely made its presence at E3 and it’s why Paul Gale Network is glad to give it Best PC Game of E3 2012 award. EA took an old game idea, spruced up the visuals, the music, and the creativity…then added in awesome multiplayer experience, a much bigger title, and more gameplay elements than ever before in this type of title. Simply put, SimCity was a joy to play and see just how filled up of a world you can create. It also helped seeing what your civilization could look like with some time and energy, by checking out the more complete cities. It’s definitely a title that given the right amount of time, you can feel very proud of what you’ve created.

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Quantum Conundrum (Best Puzzle Game of E3 2012)

Puzzle games have come a long way in the last several years and one of the titles that in my opinion best helped propel the genre forward was Portal. It’s great then, to make the compassion of that game to Quantum Conundrum and say that after my hands on time with it in Los Angeles, it definitely deserves getting the award for Best Puzzle Game of E3 2012. If you keep a literally open mind when playing this game, it’ll only take you in the direction you need to go, which quite frankly could be in any which way. Yes, this is a puzzle game that will require you to think outside of the proverbial box and next month I’m sure many of you will enjoy the title’s fun, creative gameplay and curious level design.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Best Racing Game of E3 2012)

E3 2012 had its fair share of worthy competition in this genre, but after taking multiple laps and spins aplenty, Paul Gale Network proudly stands by its decision when awarding the Best Racing Game of E3 2012 to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Sega’s team has done a phenomenal job building upon the assets they started with the game’s predecessor, by making Transformed faster and with a seemingly improved framerate, more colorful and expressive than before, and with so much variety that it truly embodies what a game that celebrates Sega’s legacy should be: fun. I enjoyed the title a lot and really have to give credit where it’s due and compliment the controls, racing mechanics, and the fact that it was one of most bug-free games on the show floor. If you like your racing games a little more Mario Kart-like than Nascar, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is right up your alley.

Wii U Controller Pro on Paul Gale Network
Wii U Controller Pro (Best New Peripheral of E3 2012)

When I left Los Angeles after three days of extensive gaming, the controller that I really wanted to take home at the end of the day was the Wii U GamePad. It after all won Paul Gale Network’s award in 2011 and this time around was even more well put together. However, the winner for Best New Peripheral of E3 2012 has to go to something new and honestly deserving, which is why I’m happy to present it to the Wii U Controller Pro. The ergonomics were perfectly suited to my hands, the analog sticks up top and the d-pad/face buttons down below seemed logical, the spacing between buttons was perfect, and the matte finish on those same buttons felt really good. Also, the controller passed my “How does pulling off a Hadouken with it” test with flying colors and that means it’ll be perfect for fast paced fighting games. It also feels so good that it might even become gamers’ new favorite controller for first person shooters (not counting the Wii U GamePad in this case). I feel that Nintendo was very smart to make this controller known about now…the only difficult thing is in knowing that I still have a few months before I can own one myself.

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