Ok, add up your money plus your friend’s money and then put in mine and oh hell, put in everyone’s savings that you know and when you add it all up…Nintendo lost more in the first half of this current fiscal year. And if you’re wondering, that period so far has gone from April 1st to September 30th (with 2nd half going from October 1st to March 31st, 2012).

$926 million is how much they lost and it’s a lot when compared to this time last year when they lost only $26 million. Now normally it’s no biggie for the company, because in the second half, they always make so much money that it wipes away the loss and Nintendo leaves the year Green.

It’s sad to hear Nintendo say then,that despite how well they will undoubtedly do during the holidays and early next year, they still expect to have a loss of $264 million when it’s all said and done. Nintendo has had an incredible track record of making a profit for about three decades straight, so unless their holiday sales far exceed their expectations, this will be their first Red year in a very long time.

This doesn’t mean the end for Big N, however. It’s just a bump in the road, but one that Nintendo does have to pay attention to, so that they don’t repeat any of the same mistakes again. Good luck, Nintendo. I hope Zelda, Mario, and Mario Kart will help you out this Winter. Oh and The Last Story and Xenoblade would have probably helped too (it’s not too late to release them here, one mid January and one early February).

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