It was only a month ago when I found this awesome artwork from artis Yoshio, that brought Nintendo’s Pokemon into the dark side and now I found some work from another equally talented artist: Alysia.

Alysia is an artist from Chicago, Illinois and is really into Pokemon. I want to give her some credit and share a little of what she’s done with the rest of the world. For much more of her work (including artwork outside of the Pokemon universe), please visit her webiste at

Pokemon's Altaria vs. Gyarados on Paul Gale Network
Altaria vs. Gyarados

Pokemon's Absol vs. Rapidash on Paul Gale Network
Absol vs. Rapidash

Pokemon's Bellsprout on Paul Gale Network

Pokemon's Espeon vs. Jolteon on Paul Gale Network
Espeon vs. Jolteon

Pokemon's Espeon vs Scyther on Paul Gale Network
Espeon vs. Scyther

Pokemon's Altaria vs. Tyrannitar on Paul Gale Network
Altaria vs. Tyrannitar

Pokemon's Seel vs. Tailow on Paul Gale Network
Seel vs. Tailow

Pokemon's Espeon vs. Vaporeon on Paul Gale Network
Espeon vs. Vaporeon

Pokemon's Altaria vs. Steelix on Paul Gale Network
Altaria vs. Steelix

Pokemon's Venusaur vs. Grimer on Paul Gale Network
Venusaur vs. Grimer

I really dig all of these pieces; whether it’s something very odd like Bellsprout next to a monk to an epic battle between Altaria and Gyarados, Alysia…they’re definitely well done and creative. Good job and here’s to more great anime/video game inspired art in the future. Hmm, now if only one artist out there would draw me in some type of crazy-stylish way. 🙂

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