Here is a double dose of Darkstalkers lovin’:

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a really talented cosplayer and she recently did an amazing job portraying Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s Darkstalkers. In addition to the Morrigan costume being spot on, the set looks very convincing and the guy getting seduced tells a story of, “I don’t really need my soul!”

Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers by Alodia Gosiengfiao on Paul Gale Network
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If you like Alodia’s work, be sure to pay her a visit at and let her know. I’m sure that she would be more than happy to get feedback from fans of Capcom’s, Darkstalkers, and people who appreciate detailed cosplay. Great job, Alodia and keep up the great work!

Now that your blood is pumping thanks to the picture above, it’s time to get updated on Darkstalker’s possible sequel. Yoshinori really wants to create the game but as stated before, Capcom needs 1 million different requests from gamers around the world (via e-mails, online petitions, comments in forums, articles, etc) and then it will likely become a reality. The good news is that the fans are speaking up big time and Capcom is taking notice…but more needs to be done so if you want a sequel, let them know. If anyone writes a comment here, I will share each one with my friends at Capcom. You could also visit and let them know there.

Seth Killian on Paul Gale Network
Your Darkstalkers wishes will be shared with Seth Killian, Yoshinori Ono, and many more at Capcom.

Now I’m going to lay out a few possibilities for the game and if interested in any, please speak up (or share your own thoughts), because Capcom is a company that really listens to its fans.

1) Capcom could go the 2D, hand drawn route, and make this a really amazing HD fighter with so much detail and animation that it would combine the clarity of Super Street Fighter II Turbo with fluidity that’d greatly surpass Street Fighter III: Third Strike – Fight For the Future’s. This would likely be the most time consuming and difficult path to take, but there would certainly be a big audience out there that would appreciate it.

2) Capcom could use a beefed up engine of Super Street Fighter IV (or Street Fighter X Tekken), go dark with the style, exaggerate the animation to really be big and over the top, and make it a fun fighting game like Street Fighter, but with a very different cast of characters.

3) Perhaps the most exciting, but arguably the most questionable route to take with a Darkstalkers sequel is to re-imagine the franchise altogether like Capcom did with Devil May Cry. They could make a gorgeous 3D (full roaming) fighter where certain characters could fly, be extra quick, morph the environment with their strength, have stages be an integral part to the gameplay combat, give the title a mature rating, and truly separate it from Street Fighter and make it its own distinct looking and feeling, game.

Of course there are other options, but those are the three that I’ve come up with and so I’m curious to get your opinions on which would you most like to see? And like I said earlier, if you can think of anything better, please do tell. Pick your console of choice too, whether it’s Wii, 3DS, PS3, PSP2, Xbox 360, PC, something else or all of the above…let’s make this game happen!

Yoshinori Ono on Paul Gale Network
Yoshinori Ono needs your help to make a Darkstalkers sequel a reality!

2 thoughts on “Best Morrigan Aensland cosplay ever (plus Darkstalkers sequel talk)”
  1. a new darkstalkers would be awesome, i would prefer the game in 2d, so it would be less a competitor to theire other games and would avoid the problem of the morphing characters for dmitris special, as stated once for the inclusion of him in mvc3. imagining a darkstalkers game looking like blazblue, that would be amazing… best regards and sorry for the bad english

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