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Ninja Gaiden 3

In this interview with Famitsu Magazine, we learned from Team Ninja a lot more details on Ninja Gaiden 3.

1) They’re still waiting for the right time to announce what platfrom the game is being developed for.
2) Team Ninja is purposely allowing fans to speculate on everything about the game, from it’s style to the poster art, right down the which platform it’ll be created for, so they can use that information and then surprise people with the end product.
3) Yousuke Hayashi from the studio specifically hinted at Ryu’s hand, mentioning that not only is it covered in blood, but that something’s not right about it…that there’s something unnatural about the blood.
4) The game will indeed be a numbered title in the series.
5) Team Ninja stated that they want to make the action game that’s most entertaining for the current era. Yousuke said that it will be a game that it will be more stand alone of a title in the series than some would think, meaning that it won’t necessarily rely on the story lines of its predecessors. He suggested that him and his team will pay respect to the previous entries, but really want any action fan to pick this title up and enjoy it for what it is.
6) Team Ninja has already finished creating the internal prototype and that the rest of the development in the game is moving along nicely. Don’t expect to see it just yet…but know that within the company itself, the first look has been well received (I’d sure hope so).

-On “Dead or Alive Dimensions”: it too is progressing nicely.
-On cancelled project “Project Progressive”: it made it to the initial “plot version” but development stopped 5 years ago.
-On cancelled project “Dead or Alive Code Cronus”: development never even took off…rather it just stuck at the framework level and has since been cancelled.

All of this Ninja Gaiden 3 talk has me personally very excited. I’m most interested in the platform for which it’s being made. The safe guess is probably PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, but it could see the light of day on 3DS for all we know. I also like the fact that the game is…not necessarily getting a reboot like how Capcom is handling Devil May Cry (though I’m totally behind that title), but will be uniquely independent from its predecessors. Bring it on Team Ninja!

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  1. Ninja Gaiden has always been targeted for hardcore gamers who want an insane challenge that can be overcome with adequate skills. From what they say, it won’t be the case anymore. My friends had problems going through NG2 on acolyte, that’s what I’m talking about. The gaming industry is dying because they always wanna please casual gamers. I’m no Itagaki fanboy, but this guy knew what NG was about. I’ll buy the game anyway though, and I hope tougher difficulties will be well done and hard.

  2. I just hope the bring back a lot of things from the first game like the all the weapons(Mainly the kitetsu). Bring back the blood and put more, put a lot more costumes in it but still keep the original ninja gaiden(nes version) costume and give the ability to color edit the costume. I would also like to have all the weapons from ninja gaiden 2 and have the ability to use the kitetsu and archfiend blade as like the dual swords. I would like to have the option of keeping the dash from ninja gaiden2 or roll from ninja gaiden 1. Bring back team missions. Have Joe as one of Ryu’s partners in team missions.
    Last but lot least keep the obliteration technique but have a team obliteration technique

  3. I’m NG fan and there is not a lot of people like the game because is realy action games and the move for the player some people do not understand how it goes. On the other hand only people with the skills can play the game so keep it the old way from NG2. 1 thing that hardcore gamers like of NG franchise is his gore, do not take the blood from obliteration or from the game in general that’s what we like about. and when the game start loading in the console is possible to load faster and not like in 360 console.

  4. NG2 is no doubt a clear upgrade from NGblack but NGblack felt manageable its more flawless both movements and timing.
    i miss the “over come your self” ‘coz that mode gives you motivation to adopt new combo tech, not just by instruction but “on the actual fight.”
    NG2 movie mode doesn’t work on cut scenes i don’t know if it doesn’t work purposely but it does sometimes, and it turns off after the cut scene sometimes. i remember itagaki talks about the extra bling he wanted to put on the NGblack but the xbox1 doesn’t have the capability of rendering it now that team ninja actually did it on the new 1 the worst part turns in to i think is the waiting to download the game its too slow.we probably need a new cpu for this game =D

  5. Ninja gaiden 2 was a really hard game!
    When I beat it (master ninja level)
    I cried blood!
    Man those bosses were so hard to defeat
    (specially zedoneos (or whatever the fiend of fire) and alexei..)
    I swear..i wanted to fry him and make some pillow ls with his feathers.. point is that I’ll love the new game hard like NG2..
    Also it’ll be nice to see some combos using only his legs and arms without weapon..that’ll be so cool!
    New outfits and of keep the blood..
    Looking forward to play that beautiful game..

    If you want you can see my profile on xbox

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