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New Nintendo patent reveals more plans for 3DS.

October 14, 2010

Nintendo 3DS: A shopper's best friend?
Shop with your 3DS.

A new Nintendo patent has been discovered and it’s one for the 3DS. The picture itself simply represents a DSi, but after a discussion with Nintendo at E3 this past June, I’m pretty sure that this one’s going to be a starting feature in all 3DS units. Nintendo said that they want “everyone” to have a DS (or 3DS) in Japan and the rest of the world. They said that they feel there’s still a large, untapped audience out there, including the everyday shoppers that are not shopping for video games. That right there should have been a dead giveaway, because this patent reveals Nintendo’s idea to literally be for people “shopping”.

Here’s the official word on the patent:
“An example system includes a display, a communication circuit, a memory storing a shopping program, and a processor in communication with the display, the communication circuit and the memory. The processor is configured to execute the shopping program to access a product database including product information, to process inputs supplied to the system to generate a shopping list comprising one or more products from the product database and to provide guidance information on the display relating to product location in a store of the products on the shopping list.”

Nintendo 3DS: I would like 3 of everything, please.
Seems like a good concept.

With Nintendo reaching out to companies like Disney and Dream Works for 3D movies on the go, I wouldn’t be surprised if Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and other such stores hook up with Nintendo for this shopping-made-easier tech.

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