Shigeru Miyamoto and Shigesato Itoi
In the most recent “Iwata Asks” segment, Shigesato Itoi asks Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto all about Mario…and then some.

I’ll leave it to you to go to the link for yourself and check out the full interview, but there were a couple of pieces in particular that I found interesting. The first was Mr. Miyamoto’s stance on why Mario will always have a place in the industry:

“What’s been easy about making the Mario games is that they could naturally change along with the progress of technology. For example, when you make live action SFX movies and as special effects technology advances, then you have new methods at your disposal. In the same way, as technology advances, the Mario games change, too […] And as technology changes, so does what you want to do. If it weren’t for that, I don’t think I could have stuck with it this far. The games turn out more fun that way than if you planned everything out on paper.” – Miyamoto

Secondly, I found it nice and reasurring that even 25 years from now, he will still be “proactive”.

“I’ll probably be working on something….If I’m still alive then.”

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