Hello everyone, I’m going to E3 again this year and am going to bring the show to you closer than ever before, and it’ll be through Bitmob.com.

I’m one of the moderators for Bitmob and as you all know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is hitting the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 15-17, and with that I would like to offer you my services.

My job is to bring E3 to you on a truly personalized level. So anytime between now and the end of the expo, if you come back to the comments section in this article: E3 2010: The Official Bitmob Q&A, you can ask me any question you can think of about anything going on at the show, and I will personally do my best to answer it.

Yes, that means I’ll be replying back to every single question of every nature. Whether it’s about how a particular game controlled, feedback on what a company’s booth looked like, how a new hardware device felt in my hands, which booth babes looked the best, who did I meet, or anything else you can think of…I’ll answer it.

I’ve been to the big show from 2000 to 2006, covered E for All in 2007 and 2008, then back to E3 in 2009. I’ve done similar Q&As all those times for sites ranging from Gamers.com to 1UP and now Bitmob.
As an added bonus, this year Nintendo personally invited me to their pre-E3 press conference on Tuesday, June 15, so I’ll be covering that as well.

All you have to do is register with Bitmob, and you’ll be able to ask me any question you want in that page’s comments section. Thanks!

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