I wanted to wait until I had an update on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from my friend, so I could provide Paul Gale Network’s readers with a more thorough update on the game. I will still be respectful of SuperBot Entertainment’s wishes by not saying too much, but will answer as many of your questions that I can, and as thoroughly when possible.

Q1) Can you confirm to us if there are more than 20 characters in the game?
A1) Yes. There have been 12 characters officially discussed on PGN, prior to this Q/A and even with that number, there were several others that I knew about, but did not reveal. That being said, clues were given in this previous article as to some yet-to-be announced characters. Beyond the 18 characters in total that I knew about, over the weekend, I’ve learned of several more (which I’m told is final roster count).

Q2) You said before in this article that you’re not a character in the game…at least not yet. Any of that serious?
A2) I wrote that piece on November 27th and yes, there was some seriousness to my response of not being in the game (at least not yet). One of my own proposals to my source was to have one of the character select icons be your own PlayStation Home Avatar. Late last year, when I wrote the comment, it was because SuperBot did not have any plans of their own to include such a feature and thus mine was fresh. It’s not often that companies will take suggestions from outside sources, which is why I provided my own friend with the information and if it would make it into the game, terrific.

Paul Gale in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a PlayStation Home Avatar on Paul Gale Network
PlayStation Home Avatar character hint in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

My idea of having your own PlayStation Home Avatar was submitted and the concept behind it was that there would be a pre-built move set for the Avatar, but the uniqueness in each would be represented by each of your own, specific characters that represented you. The picture above is one amongst many hints for the game that I ended up not using, for one reason or another. This hint shows me in a changing room, as where you would be with your PlayStation Home Avatar. I still wish the idea happened.

Q3) Your last batch of hints were so random, can you explain yourself at all?
A3) The last four pictures were deliberately intended to be difficult to decipher and indeed had their own setups made in a specific way, because from E3 on out, after I spoke with Omar and the SuperBot team on official terms, it’s been my conscious decision to hold back on revealing too much, out of respect. That being said, Cole was figured out by many, due to the first two pictures A) Having a day and night theme, B) a Dodge Charger being used, C) Cole’s known electricity powers in the sign being on and off, and D) The fact that I chose Outdoor Grill as the location for the picture, because a Grill traditionally uses coal to heat it up. In addition to those hints being chosen for Cole, since Jak and Daxter were already revealed on Paul Gale Network in 2011, and I knew that they’d be paired at the San Diego Comic Con reveal, it made sense that they too share the night and day theme.

Q4) How many stages are in the game and can you unveil any new ones?
A4) Prior to this weekend, I knew “almost 12” and now I’ve learned of the final several that remain. If you put two and two together, you’ll be able to know for yourself, that the game has more than a dozen stages. And though I won’t reveal a new stage since I already did so with a character, I’ll share with you another one of my hints that never got put up:

Paul Gale Network Stage hint for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
“Ace Attorney, Ace Ventura, Ace Hardware, King Koopa, King Kong”

To help you out a bit, these two hints go together and only have one specified outcome.

Q5) Can you shed some light on the 6 characters you know about that you haven’t yet revealed?
A5) Prior to this weekend, here’s what I can tell you about the 6 characters that I hinted at (though not all were specifically tied to the four picture hints I provided).
– Two female characters
– A character that wields a sword
– Two popular first party characters
– One 3rd party hero that has a strong affiliation with the PlayStation brand.
– A character whose development origin comes from a Japanese studio.
– Another PlayStation “mascot”
– Another PlayStation “human”
– A character who has been in an RPG
Those 8 hints that I provided, when drawn together, reveal the 6 characters that I knew were in the game.

Q6) Can you please reveal one more character, either from your hints or not?
A6) My source has given me permission to, even though SuperBot Entertainment would prefer me not, but at this point, it’s the fans that are winning me over, so I will confirm right now that Ratchet and Clank are indeed in the game. And yes, the hint for them was in picture two. A yellow car and a gray car facing each other represent Ratchet and Clank (their colors are yellow and gray, after all) and the box art of “Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time” has both characters positioned accordingly. In addition to these hints, yes, a yellow Lamborghini was intentionally picked to depict Ratchet, for Lamborghini short = Lambo and Ratchet is a Lombax.

Ratchet and Clank in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
Yes, Ratchet and Clank are in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!

Q7) At what stage is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in development right now?
A7) The game only has 2 months of development left before it goes gold (ready for mass production) and right now the team is finalizing the user interface, character menus, taking into account the wishes from fans regarding lights, borders, placement of menus, and so on. In addition, more audio is being produced as we speak, wrapping up the game’s last bit of voice acting, sound effects, and scores.

Q8) Will there by any unlockable characters or is everyone made available from the beginning?
A8) Yes, a good portion of the roster is unlocked throughout the game. SuperBot has made it fun do do.

Q9) Are Omar and the rest at SuperBot Entertainment cool with you?
A9) Yes, at E3 we spoke on two separate occasions and had some laughs after all was said and done. They really are an excellent bunch of men and women and I respect them a lot. It’s why I’ve been so quiet as of late, due to being mindful of their wishes.

Omar from SuperBot Entertainment on Paul Gale Network
Omar Kendall receiving two of the four awards that I presented SuperBot Entertainment at E3. And I know people will ask, but yes, we did take other pictures as well, that did turn out differently.

Q10) You mentioned before of several items in the game. Can you elaborate on any?
A10) There are around two dozen items in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, nearly all of which have to do with the characters in the game.

Q11) Super Smash Bros. Brawl had many cameo appearances. Will the same be true here?
A11) Yes. For almost every character in the game, there’s a friend or foe of them, that makes an appearance.

Q12) Does the new project that you mentioned in this article have anything to do with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?
A12) No. My new project which will have it’s own proper unveiling soon, is actually my new book entitled, “Lisek’s Great Adventure”.

Lisek's Great Adventure has nothing to do with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
Paul Gale Network’s project is my new book, “Lisek’s Great Adventure” and has nothing to do with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. (Large)

Q13) Can you customize the game’s controls?
A13) If you’re thinking something like what Street Fighter allows you to do, then not quite, but there is some variety.

Q14) Was the build of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that was shown at E3, final?
A14) No, because not present aside from the obvious lack of characters and stages, were the final tuneups, user interface improvements that are being made right now, etc.

Q15) Will there be a beta for the game?
A15) Yes. In fact, has already begun:
“Congratulations on joining the Developer Beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!” the e-mail reads. “Here you’ll be among the first to experience the iconic characters of the PlayStation universe coming together in an epic fighting game! We’re very excited to show you the game and all the fantastic features we’ve been working on and we can’t wait to see everyone go all-out in battle to see who’s truly the best!” That’s what you’ll get, along with a 12 character code. The first opportunity was on July 27th-28th and the next will be from August 3rd-4th.

Q16) What’s up with the marketing for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and why does it feel limited?
A16) Don’t worry, Sony is aiming to make this one of their biggest and most successful titles this Fall on PlayStation 3. A lot of you have been showing concern that it’s not being handled well or as importantly as it should, but keep in mind, it’s still a few months away and by then, you’re gonna experience a blitzkrieg of advertising online, in print, on television, and in movie theaters.

Q17) Do characters have alternate colors for their alternate costumes?
A17) I was told that initially they would not, but are aiming to for the final build. They’re hard at work on other things, but basic color swaps are being considered.

Q18) How unique will character rivalries be?
A18) Each character has his or her own rival, but it’s not that simple. Without giving too much away, know that there’s more to it than character A and B only having a feud with each other and there’s nothing ever between anyone else.

Q19) How are the game’s cinema scenes?
A19) Beautiful. There’s a lot of cool stuff that SuperBot put into them. Some being hilarious and others being really cool. Fans of all sorts are going to like them, big time.

Q20) Do characters have more than one taunt?
A20) Yes.

Q21) Will the game have its own story mode or any other fun modes besides Arcade and Versus?
A21) Yes, absolutely. Though PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale doesn’t have something quite like The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it does have its own fleshed out story that will be enjoyable for most as is. SuperBot isn’t developing an action game or first person shooter, they’re developing a fighting game. That being said, a mode made popular in First Person Shooters will also be a mode in this game.

New Mode Hint in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network
There really is only one thing you can derive from this picture and it will make sense when you think of “a popular mode in FPS games”.

Q22) Do the characters noticeably move at different speeds?
A22) Yes. Bigger typically move slower than smaller, but not in all cases.

Q23) Does the game have a boss?
A23) There’s a surprise for you as to how SuperBot did it, but yes.

Q24) Are any of the characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from a game yet to come out?
A24) I don’t want to break any of my rules, but I’ll say that this game embodies Sony PlayStation’s past, present, and future. 🙂

Q25) Is there any specific PSP or PS Vita presence in the game?
A25) As part of PlayStation history, yes.

Q26) For franchises that don’t have a character representative in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, might there still be a presence of them?
A26) Yes and hopefully you’re happy with how it’s pulled off.

Q27) Can you provide us with anything confirmation or denial of the recent, massive “leak”?
A27) I’ll tell you this much. It’s highly ironic that after my meeting with my source, yet before I got a chance to finally type out this Q/A (due to the wrapping up of my project, a martial arts event that I took part in, and so on), that such information was put online.

Q28) Can you give us one more of your hints?
A28) I won’t say what it’s in regard to, but here you go.

One Random hint about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network

Q29) Once and for all, can you tell us if James Bond is in the game?
A29) Though James Bond’s presence in the game was one of the very first ideas present, including multiple character skins, advertising it alongside Skyfall which is the new 007 film coming out a few weeks later, etc., immediately following E3 I found out the answer and it’s NO. James Bond is not a character in the game. I know a lot of you will be happy and that others will be sad, but there ya go.

Thank you to everyone that submit a question via e-mail or on my site itself. I couldn’t answer every single one, but took a lot of time to address some of the biggest you had. I hope this was a useful article for the community out there that is so passionate about the game.

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  1. Holy Crap! Thats a lot of info. Thanks so much Paul. Good luck with your new book!

    Your honestly, like a super hero right now. After that massive leak everyones hype kind of died. Thinking it was the final roster. But this pretty much got a lot of hype up again. And thats amazing! Thank you.

    Now can you tell us how many 3rd party characters are left? If not i under stand of course since you just gave us all this info. Im being a little greedy! Haha!

    Take care Paul. Once again thanks, and good luck on your book!

  2. Crash Bandicoot? Please and Thank you Paul! I can’t take the suspense anymore! I want to know if he’s in or not! Sure he should be! It would be a win-win! Activision CEO even stated he wants him in!
    And pfft. We all saw Ratchet coming 😉 But thank you, nevertheless! really appreciate you taking your time, making this QandA!

    Is a certain orange marsupial in the game? 😉

  3. Hey Paul, thank you so much for this!!! Could you answer one small question? Are the 6 characters you say you knew in that “massive leak” ?
    Please, we’re brainstorming here about everything haha

  4. I just have once question. Is that huge leak that has been revealed true or fake character wise, and if so they’re going to be adding more characters right?

    – Please answer, thank you.

    1. Paul already said that it was ‘IRONIC that after my meeting with my source that such information was put online.’ Meaning that the leak in fact, for the most part, is real.
      My theory is that the leak in its self is real, because it was data from the Beta. Which technically confirmed it’s self. The icons are just random pics used by the leaker (not sure that is a word though).

  5. “Ace Attorney, Ace Ventura, Ace Hardware, King Koopa, King Kong.”

    3 Aces and 2 Kings… A full house? Full House? Is mary kate oleson in this game? For the love of God, please say yes <3

  6. “Ace Attorney, Ace Ventura, Ace Hardware, King Koopa, King Kong.” …….

    So it’s a big turtle dinosaur garilla-mix that builds things, sues people and solves crimes?!

    Got it.

    It’s Carlton Lassiter from ‘Psych’.


  7. Hey paul, and thanks for the info man. I was trying to tell everyone in playstation community that ratchet and clank is in the game because the yellow car and the gray car represent them, if someone tell that me and say ,” your lieing”. Well go back when the first time you show us different pictures of the car and i guarantee you people you will see my username Spartanmanhero23. Anyway paul , you are a big help!

  8. What EVERYONE wants to know is if the massive leak is in fact the full roster. Will there be anymore characters NOT in the massive leak?

  9. Paul,

    1.) Should we expect more characters than the 20 revealed/leaked so far? Will the roster be larger or smaller than SSB Melee’s roster?

    2.) Will there be bosses to defeat other than the final boss itself during the progression of story mode? By bosses I do not mean rivals how Heihachi vs. Toro are, but non-playable character bosses (actual villains of the various franchises).

    3.) Is the final boss a villain of a particular game, or is not tied to any game franchise in particular (similar to how Tabuu was in SSB Brawl)?

    4.) Will there be a stage creation mode?

    5.) With the leaked Evil Cole in the roster, will it take up a character slot for itself or will it be shared with the already revealed Cole (as in you can switch between good/evil in the same character slot)?

    Hope to receive a reply from you 😀

  10. – One 3rd party hero That HAS strong affiliation with the PlayStation brand.
    – A character development Whose origin Comes from a Japanese studio.
    * Dante (Devil cry Mac)
    * Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)

    -Two female characters
    – A character wields a sword That
    * Nariko (Heavenly Sword) And … ?

    – Another PlayStation “mascot”
    * Sir Daniel Fortesque (Medievil)

    – Another PlayStation “human”
    * Spike (Ape Escape)

    “a fashion popular in FPS games”
    * Capture the Flag

    =D I think I’m on track ^^

    1. – One 3rd party hero That HAS strong affiliation with the PlayStation brand.
      Could be: Dante, Snake, Raiden, Lightning, Sora.

      – A character development Whose origin Comes from a Japanese studio.
      Could be: Wanderer, Yorda, Ico, Lightning, Dante, Snake, Raiden, Sora.

      – Two female characters
      Could be: Lightning, Yorda, Nariko.

      – From an RPG
      Could be: Lightning, Sora.

      – A character that wields a sword
      Could be: Lightning, Sora, Wanderer, Ico, Nariko, Raiden Sir Daniel Fortesque.

      – Another PlayStation “mascot”
      Could be: Ratchet, Sackboy, Toro

      – Another PlayStation “human”
      Could be:
      Dante (Half human, half demon)
      Snake (Clone)
      Raiden (Cyborg)
      Ico (horned head)

      It’s what I’d guess anyway, given the recent leak and Paul’s hints combined.

      1. Just curious, why Lightning? I understand if you want more women in the game ,but do you honestly think that Lightning should be put over Cloud? I mean Cloud Strife is the ‘Poster Boy’ of the PS1 era.
        Just curious is all^^

        1. I was going by the leaked list, other leaked photos, and Paul’s hints to deduce a potential roster.

          Logically, Square Enix has final say on which FF character is in, if any at all. Plus I’d say they’d put her in to promote FF13-3 since Paul said it would be about Playstation’s past, present, and FUTURE too. LOL

          I could be wrong and the FF rep is Noctus from FFv13.

          1. FF13-3!!? Damn! Well, what about Noctis (Sasuke wannabe ,but has a really cool move set) from FFV13. I mean, wouldn’t Square Enix want to promote Noctis. After the trailers I have seen, I had wished he was in Dissidia (which was literally the only time I liked Lightning). Over all it should be Cloud ,but I will take Noctis over Lightning any day. Please Square Enix, if your reading this (probably not) give us Cloud or Noctis. Big Cloud fan FYI ^^

  11. Thanks for everything you’ve done, Paul.

    The recent beta leak has really derailed the hype train for many people, myself included. There’s one big question on everyone’s mind, and that is whether or not the leaked set of characters completes the roster.

    Now you’ve said a few things that hint at the leak being incomplete, but it would put a lot of minds at ease if you could confirm it:

    Are there still unconfirmed characters in the game that were NOT leaked in the beta files?

  12. The last hints may be… a Rapid Racer stage?
    Anyway, the other hints (2 women, one wielding a sword etc.) may be referred to more than one character (for example, both Nariko and Sir Daniel Fortesque coul be wield a sword), and the presence alone of 2 more female characters make sure that the leaked information revealed recently are not reguarding the final roster.

  13. thanks a lot for the information paul, I’m anxious too see your new book 😀 and also I’m glad that you don’t have a difficult relation with superbot that’s cool. 🙂

  14. I know this question may be a little too specific but were some of the leaks ( character-wise) false? Like superbot says they have only one IP from each game franchise and on the leak it had good and evil cole which goes against what superbot planned to do. Lastly, Eric laden said that he was doing voice work on this game with nolan north ( drake) and David Hayter ( snake/big boss). I believe it was a tweet. This is my main question I guess, will one of the snakes make it in or Raiden? I looked at your hints and I can’t be sure. Please tell me via email or this. Thanks for the hints!

  15. – Two female characters (Nariko/Heather Mason)
    – A character that wields a sword (Sir Daniel)
    – Two popular first party characters (Sir Daniel/ Sackboy)
    – One 3rd party hero that has a strong affiliation with the PlayStation brand. (Crash, Spyro, or Cloud)
    – A character whose development origin comes from a Japanese studio. (Dante, Raiden)
    – Another PlayStation “mascot” (Sackboy)
    – Another PlayStation “human” (Spike)
    – A character who has been in an RPG (Cloud)
    -“a popular mode in FPS games”. (Capture the Flag)

    So the six I’m going with are: Sackboy, Sir Daniel, Nariko, Spike, Dante, And Raiden.

    We need Pyramid Head, Now…

    1. And to think, you didn’t even have to use the extra hint added in, which was the picture above that included one Fran Mirabella III (Fran was suppose to stick out in your head and with Full House + Fran, you’d get San Francisco as a stage). Good job, abe and Death By ownage.

  16. Thanks again Paul! Can you say anything about the “Massive Leak” of characters and maps from internal coding of the beta? Can you confirm if those characters are in the final roster or not (Some of which include Raiden, Evil Cole, and the maps)?

  17. paul thx for this info i really appriciate it

    a few things though

    1. is dlc still avalible
    2. have you seen a blonde in this game possible two
    3. is the swords man and girl hint kindof together or any hints for that mater.
    4. will thier be a free roam and minion.
    5. can you play as other characters that are not playable but are in diffrent mode but you play as them temporary
    6. youll probable might think “really” but im a fan of her is jeeane d’arc in this game in some way.
    7. was the beta e3 built.

    thank you for your cooperation and hopefully you can answer it.

    p.s if you say past present and future is in the game then can we see any rep for the last of us and beyond 2 souls plus the new games from ps relese in gamescon.

  18. Paul would it be possible for you to confirm if Carmelita is still in the roster or if she was removed like Rico was?

    Thanks for all the info. since you revealed the game.

  19. I have a question. I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug but..
    Why does it cost less AP to use a special than it did to earn it?
    For example, if sly get’s to 2.9, and uses a level 2, he has a level 2 still… so he can effectively use it twice in a row. So it means it’s better to use your level 2 at 2.9 instead of use your level 3 because you get it twice.

    1. the ap requirement for each level isnt uniform. so if level 1 takes 10 ap, level 2 and 3 dont take 20 and 30 ap respectively. instead its more like level 1 takes 10 ap, level 2 30 ap, and level 3 60 ap. so your ‘2.9’(nearly a 3) is more like 55 ap which is why using a level 2 then leaves you with virtually enough (25ap) for another level 2.

      except find values that actually make the example work lol

      1. It makes sense.. but i still think AP should cost the whole 2! so if you had 2.9 it should leave you with 0.9. makes sense to me.. :-/
        it should cost the same amount when using it as it did to gain.

  20. Hi and thanks for all the info! Just a few quick questions: 1. How many third party characters are there? 2. Who is your favourite rpg character? 3. Is the San Fransisco stage from resistance? 4. Are there any third party stages?
    Thank you for your time!

  21. Thanks for the info Paul. I have a question. Will the people at SuperBot comment on the leaked information or are they just gonna stay quiet about it and basically act like it didn’t happen?

  22. i think the jet ski picture is a hint for crash B. as well when he said that this is a third party character with very strong affiliation with playstation. i remember a couple jetski levels in crash B. warped

    i really hope the story mode isn’t like ssb classic mode just with cutscenes that would suck. my heart sank when he said it wouldn’t quite be a sub space emissary but i hope they do a good story mode.

    Also i REALLY hope they don’t reveal the whole roster before the game comes out, i want alot of suprises in this game as well as (hopefully) a 32 character roster. If they do it right they will start us with like 8 characters then make us claw our way through verious modes and difficulties to get the other characters unlocked.

    I really hope sackboy and spyro and kat make it in the game becuase, i really wanna smack down nathan drake with sackboy, it would make my sony fanhood complete. i wish that sora was on better terms with sony then i could see him making it into the game. Also hope they get an mk character in the game and i think its possible since the contract or whatever with netherealm studios that lead to kratos getting into mk and 360 not getting anything.

    i really wish they would have taken my king of the hill idea from a few posts back becuase it was definantly a good idea that could be an iconic start for all fighting games to mimic.

  23. The popular game mode that is in Playstation allstars battle royale is Capture the Flag, I know not only from that picture but from a HUGE leak on this game just a couple of days ago, revealing about 6 stages and many more characters, and ALL of the game modes.

  24. What is snakes role in this game? Even though I doubt the leak somewhat, it shows that Raiden is a playable character and that a guy named “Sam” is a minion. Back to what I was saying will Solid Snake/ Big Boss have a presence in this game? I know his voice actor has been confirmed but I don’t know.

  25. From Gamefaqs: “What if the playstation allstars were in a bar?”

    Posted 7/31/2012 2:57:21 PM
    message detail
    Dante: So then I said, F*CK YOU! true story

    Raiden: Hey great sto-…oh hold on, my phones ringing. Hello? Hi Rose, nows not the best time..because i’m at the bar with some friends..from the crossover, ya know the one Snake was all upset about?…okay..okay well it’s…can we talk about this later? *facepalm* honey, i’ll CUT the grass tommorow I promise..okay, okay, love you too. Bye honey…*sigh* women huh?

    Lightning: *hits Raiden*

    Cloud: -_-. what is your problem?? Honestly, why I have to settle for your understudy is beyond me. All you do is complain and hit people! Do you have any idea how annoying that is? I have my own regrets trust me, but having to even compete with you when this spot rightfully belongs to me tops just about everything. At least Sephiroth isn’t here…prick. Hell even Vivi knows I should be the rep.

    Lightning: …You’re just mad the big boys at Square like me better, don’t take it personally. Soldier boy.

    Cloud: Only because you parade around them bending over to pick up the gunblade that you seem to drop every 5 seconds. You’re lucky my drag days are behind me >_>

    Kratos: *Stares at Nariko*
    Nariko: *Stares at Kratos*

    *Hardcore makeout session commences*

    Kratos:If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die.
    Nariko: I love it when you talk dirty!

    Fat Princess: Hmph! I need some action myself!…hmm, hey stud muffin, how’s it goin?
    Nathan Drake: Uh-hm hey there, haha…listen, i’ve uh, gotta run. Cya!

    Fat Princess: Dammit don’t you run from me! *waddles after drake*

    *Across the room*

    Radec: So then I had them executed for uniform violations. I sh*t you not!
    SweetTooth: Well, let’s face it, boys and girls: A man has to have his priorities

    Spike: Come back here! I have to return you to the professor!!!
    Daxter: I’m not a freakin monkey! I’m an Ottsel!
    Spike: Just lemme hit you with this rod!
    Jak: *facepalm*

    Little Sister: Look at all this ADAM Mr. Bubbles!
    Sly: *eyes the syringe* Hmm…
    Toro: I wouldn’t try it if I were you D:
    Sly: Well I havn’t stolen anything yet, besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

    *Outside the bar*

    Heihachi: Look guys, i’m sorry. But as the bouncer I can’t let you in.

    Crash: This. Is. Ridiculous! Do you know who I am!?
    Spyro: I wouldn’t mess with us Mr. I’d be shaking in my Gnorc-boots if I were you!
    Posted 7/31/2012 2:57:46 PM
    message detail
    *BOOOM* *Part of the bar breaks open, Sly runs out first followed by a very angry Big Daddy*

    Little Sister: I don’t like him, Mr. B! I don’t like him!

    *back inside bar*

    Cole: Yeah so..the doctors say I have a split personality. It’s pretty serious apparently.
    Sir Dan: I’m dead. Cry about it.

    Sackboy:*mumbling to himself* everyone thinks i’m too cute to fight. Hmph. I’ll show them. I’ll walk up to them all happy with my tongue hangin out, then BAM! I’ll slap em silly! Then make an angry face..yeah. See how they like it.

    *On stage*

    Parappa: Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!
    Nathan Drake: *out of breathe* Hey man, nice songs. You wouldn’t happen to know anything that can calm down a horny princess would ya?
    Fat Princess: Drakey pooo!
    Nathan Drake: Oh god, no no, I should just accepted death in the desert!

    *On a cliff overlooking the bar*

    Snake: Crash and Spyro were denied access, by Heihachi who looks like he dyed his hair. Lightning has a better chance to be in than Cloud. Dante is looking rather..new. Ico and Yorda are nowhere to be found and I don’t see any hints of Wander or Dart either…

    Playstation has changed. It’s no longer about originality, memories, or deserving characters. It’s an endless series of proxy battles fought by SuperBot and third party devs.That war – and its consumption of possible characters – has become a well-oiled machine. Playstation has changed. New IP characters advertise for new IP games, battle on new IP stages. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. Playstation has changed. The age of fan service has become the age of advertisments… All in the name of increasing sales for upcoming games. And he who controls the sales… controls history. Playstation has changed. When the battlefield is under total control… War becomes routine.

    …and seriously f*ck Raiden.

      1. I applaude you =D You created an awesome Bar scene with all characters. As for Raiden, why do you hate him. The only reason Raiden seemed like a pu*** is because, Rose wanted to talk about their love life on a mission. Now, Raiden is way more Bad A**!!! Have you seen Metal Gear Rising: Revengence trailers or game play!? I think Raiden is probably one of the coolest Cyborg Ninjas ever (Besides Gray Fox). Anyways, hope Cloud is in the game and not Lightning or hell, I would take Noctis ^^ Nice job on the scenario though =)

  26. You said that DBZ image was for Heihachi, but then you stated that “it could be used for more than just Heihachi…:)”

    Has that character already been revealed? Cole or Jak? Or is there another character you’re talking about? Is it one of the leaked characters? Or someone not yet leaked?

  27. The jet ski is a jet ski belonging to Coco. It is used in the jet ski levels in Warped. It is green with a white stripe. A white version also appeared in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. This version had Coco’s name on the side. The jet ski is called Cocomarine in Japan. According to Radical Entertainment, a Jet Ski would be used in Crash Bandicoot 2010. – From the Crash Bandicoot wiki… I TOO think the hint leads to Crash!

  28. Hey Paul, out of curiosity is the jet ski in relation to Crash Bandicoot 2 (yes 2!) – in particular the Japanese version, or perhaps a certain dance clip from it?

  29. Paul, the recent leaked information has been confirmed to be true but they said it doesn’t represent the final product. That being said, the leak brings the roster to 20 characters. How many more characters can we expect in the game? I’m hoping for a lot more but I assume that this is close to the final roster number.

      1. I know that, I said it doesn’t represent the final product and asked how much more characters can we expect. I never said 20 was all the game has.

      1. so its crash or rapid racer? they appear to be the only guesses so far with regards to that picture. either crash in the roster or rapid racer stage? theres water in the back of the resistance san fran. stage so im going to go with that, since that ties both your clues together.

        or more likely im way off.

      2. something tells me the rapid racer stage is the one who got it 🙁 but I love for it be the million ppl who are thinking crash. Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment for expecting him?

      3. Everybody said Crash so it must be Crash! xD As for Uncharted the Stowaway stage was leaked so I think they wouldn’t make another stage from the same franchise!

      4. Is that accurate guess on this blog post or somewhere else on the internet? And when you say someone, does that mean only person has guessed what it means or more multiple people have guessed it right?

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